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Creative Director

Hailing from Monterrey, Mexico, born in '87, an International Relations honors graduate. He's a tale of discipline, as an actor and screenwriter. Surrounded by the world of film and theater from a young age, since his father was a theater actor. For 14 years, he delved into Krav Maga and Security Training, emerging as a High Risk Protection Asset in South Africa, something that paints the tones and genres of his writing.

His acting journey ignited in a 2014 music video, but it was 2017 that saw him plunge into formal lessons across Mexico and the U.S. Meanwhile, he read every book on acting and screenwriting within arm's reach. In '19, he seized the audition spotlight, vying for a Vancouver Film School scholarship via a CasAzul-Mexico City partnership. Victory was his, an acting excellence scholarship secured. However, the pandemic cast its shadow in 2020, dimming his VFS dreams.

Undeterred, he joined a professional management agency and started acting professionally for different streaming platforms. He is also represented by Vision entertainment as a screenwriter with several TV shows and movie scripts that are currently under active development.


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