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Partner / Actor / Producer / Writer
Director / Set Designer

creative director

Emiliano Zurita graduated from Pratt institute with a bachelors degree in Architecture. At the same time, he studied acting in the Susan Batson Studio.  
Along with his brother Sebastian, Emiliano is a partner and owner of Addiction House Projects.
As an actor, Emiliano started in “Class Enemy”, earning him the APT award for best new actor and has stared in one television series and four movies in the past year including “El Baile de los 41” directed by David Pablos.

Favorite Movie
Favorite Tv Show
Favorite Play

Bloodline / Lovesick
Warrior / Her
Class Enemy / Constellations


Founding Partner / Actor / Producer
/ Writer Director 

Born in Mexico city Sebastian decided to move to miami to study international business with a minor in economics, a few years after that he decided to continue his studies and immerse himself in the entertainment industry.
Studying at the Lee Strasberg theater and film institute, Susan Batson Studio in New York, Upride Citizens Brigade, the BGB studio and currently UCLA.
He has more than 25 acting credits that range from tv, film and theater. Has worked with directors like Manolo Caro, Issa lopez and legendary director Felipe Cazals. His past five films have opened and stayed in the top five of Mexicos box office for their year.He is a multi award winning actor which includes his Best actor performance in a leading role for the “Silver Goddess” in Mexican film.
From the creation of Addiction House he has develop a diversity of films, series and plays. The most recent one “ How to Survive Being Single” for Amazon Prime, marking Amazons first worldwide scripted comedy in spanish, created, directed produced and starting himself.
A new play written by him and his brother that will have a run in London, Mexico and Argentina, and a musical based on the songs of band Jarabe de Palo with a run starting in Spain and Mexico.  

Favorite Movie The Little Prince
Favorite Tv Show Ozark
Favorite Play If there is I haven't found it yet

managing director

Partner / Director / Executive Producer

Ricardo Gaspar de Alba Quiroz graduated as a Director / Producer in filmmaking from Centro de Diseño Cine y TV.

Ricardo has dedicated a great part of his life to advertising, working with numerous brands to efficiently communicate with users and to create a cinematic language that suits the brand, He has directed and produced over 500 TV spots for brands such as Palacio de Hierro, BMW, General Motors, Grupo Modelo, Corona, Victoria, Pfizer, Unilever, Son’s, Cerveceros de México, General Motors, Jafra, USA Government, Sport City, Lóreal, Seven Eleven, among others.

As a part of Addiction House, Ricardo created a creative agency that now handles Marketing Days for international titles on Amazon Prime Video, doing not only production but also creativity for all the publicity branch that continues to expand from scripts, production, post production to key arts for international titles.

Ricardo Gaspar de Alba Quiroz is a partner and owner of Addiction House, along with Sebastian and Emiliano Zurita. Together, they have successfully produced a feature film titled "I Was There," a theatre play called "Enemigo de Clase," and the highly successful Amazon Original series "Como Sobrevivir Soltero," which marked his debut as an Executive Producer for a TV show. The series has already released three seasons on Amazon Prime. 

Favorite Movie Matrix
Favorite Tv Show 24
Favorite Play Phantom of The Opera

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